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Mini-Baccarat Casino game is an old time one dating back to about the year 1400 when it was played in France. The origin of this game...

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Now let us look at the various types of baccarat. Over the years, this game has developed into three main types. The most popular...

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Mini-Baccarat Casino game is an old time one dating back to about the year 1400 when it was played in France. The origin of this game is traceable to Italy. The word Baccarat is an Italian word which means, “Zero”. 

This article is centered on this old age casino gaming system, which can be regarded as the hero of casino gambling. We have referred to the game as a hero in casino gambling because of its wide acceptability amongst the royals and the nobles.

It took a period of 500 years before this game became generally accepted in Europe. It was the game of the Royals in France at that period. Over time, there has been a different version of the game played. The version that is prevalent in Europe is “chemin de fer” variation. England prefers to play “punto banco”, and this is the version that finds it way to the United States of America, through South America.

Over the years, the game developed into three popular versions which are; Baccarat Chemin de far, baccarat banquet and punto banco.

 In the United States of America, what you find most often in casinos is the punto banco or alternatively called mini-baccarat. The mini-baccarat tables are what you will often see in many casinos in the United States of America. The reason for this is that the big table versions, because of its high minimum is tucked away in the higher section of the casino.

It is interesting to know that just as it was popular within the French royals in the days of old; it is now popular within casino royals.

The recent development in the history of baccarat is the invention of its online version. Online casinos offer mini-baccarat table in the application of the American rules. Baccarat cards are dealt in using a Random Number Generator (RNG). There are some online gambling sites that offer live dealings. To make this possible, you will be connected to a video link of a REAL dealer.


Now let us look at the various types of baccarat. Over the years, this game has developed into three main types. The most popular of the three is the punto banco or the mini-baccarat.

  • PUNTO BANCO: This is the most popular of this casino game with the Americans. It is also called the American Baccarat. It is what you will mostly find in American casinos. It can be played at big or mini-tables. The rule of play is starting from 4 to 6 decks of playing cards with no joker in it. The difference between the mini-table and big table version is that the croupier is allowed to deal all of the cards. This is however in accordance with the predetermined set of rules. At this game, the only input of the players is betting on one of the three outcomes.


At the big table of punto banco, you find 14 players seated. The responsibility of shuffling the cards is upon the croupier, and everybody does the dealing in turns moving in clockwise direction. Again, it is the rule that the player dealing the cards must follow the instruction given by the croupier and must pass on the shoe in a situation they place a losing bet.


  • BACCARAT CHEMIN DE FER: In this type of game, players are given more active role in the game. The responsibility of shuffling the card is not restricted to the croupier. All players have an option of shuffling and dealing in the card. As against the dealing of the card in punto banco face up, cards are dealt in here face down. Any player that have the biggest bet will take the option of picking the face down cards while others will wait for the outcome. There is a unique aspect to this version in the sense that players have the option choosing an additional card.


  • BACCARAT BANQUE: This version is almost similar to Baccarat Chemin de Fer. The remarkable difference in it is that one gambler will be the dealer and banker for the entire shoe. There is particularly no difference of this version from Baccarat Chemin de Fer when it comes to turning and drawing the cards. It is the responsibility of the croupier to determine who will be the banker. It may be the player with the biggest wager or the one that plays to the right. Here in this game, there is less deck of cards played with.



The following are the terminologies used in baccarat:

  1. Baccarat; this occurs when either the player or the bank hand is having a total zero.
  2. Banker: this is one of the 3 likely bets on the standard baccarat table,
  3. Bankroll: this is the amount of money you may have to gamble with.
  4. Chemin de Fer: This is a version of the game, and presently, it is rare to find it in casinos today.
  5. Coup; this is a round of play which consists of a player a banker's hand.
  6. Dealer; this is the person in charge of the dealing of the card.
  7. Dealing shoe: this I the container from which the cards are dealt in.
  8. Dragon Bonus: this is a side bet option which may either be on the player or banker's hand.
  9. Game supervisor: this is an employee in the casino whose duty is to ensure that the rules are adhered to.
  10. Table of play: these are sets of the rule which dictates when and if there is a need for a third to be dealt with either hand.

These are the few that can be discussed in respect of mini-baccarat. If there are questions that you will want to be answered, do visit our website.

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